Wednesday, 18 March 2015

one day's photographs

this post was written on Monday March 16

Thank goodness for my camera. When I really want to just lie down and pull the covers up under my chin. When I can't concentrate on a book. When I am discouraged. Then I take my camera and my picture-taking hand-knit gloves and go out the back door to the lane.

My mantra is: trees reflections & shadows.

This morning at eight o'clock there were still puddles, teasing me with trees' delicate
reflections. Photographing in water patches is tricky; your own shadow needs to be out of the way, but, if you shift too much, the reflections are diminished. An added challenge is that you don't have much control over the background.

An arial view would be ideal - unfortunately, a step ladder is too awkward to carry!

Looking, shifting and then moving a bit more before holding the camera steady and pressing the shutter.  Spending 20 minutes in one tiny area. Moving to the side when a car wants to pass and answering questions from dog walkers.

'What are you doing? ' 'What are you looking at?'  One time I may ask why they have an animal attached to a piece of leather.  I assume they have their reasons, just as I do.

                           click on any photograph to get a larger image

This afternoon, avoiding the sunlit couch, I set out again. In the 5 hours since my morning foray, most of the puddles had disappeared. The few that remained were muddy. It was the time for  shadows.

The muted colours combined to make a beautiful abstraction.


  1. Oh Jackie, you are really, really SEEING with your camera. Gorgeous photographs. I love them all.

  2. Your picture taking excursions have turned into your own personal version of a Buddhist walking meditation. The best part is that you are sharing your insights with us so we are on a virtual walking meditation. I especially like the pictures of the sun between the fence boards. I admire your patience - it is making me want to retire even sooner so I can have that kind of time! A special LOL for your comment about people with "an animal on a piece of leather". Too funny!

  3. P.S. I LOVE your photos Karen