Wednesday, 14 October 2015


While eating lunch today, I started reading the sep/oct 2015 edition of  Victoria's Lifestyle Magazine. The editor's column was titled 'THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING" and she began with this sentence 'I bought a sofa on impulse a few weeks ago. It's one of those luxuriously cushy models with ornate wooden legs that would be perfectly at home in the drawing room of a Southern antebellum mansion.'

She realizes immediately that she had made ' a massive mistake' as the couch was so huge that all of her existing furniture looked tiny. As well, it was ill-matched to her contemporary pieces.

Did she return the sofa?  One assumes so.  However, she continues:  'Much to my husband's confusion (and annoyance, I'm sure), I opted to keep this piece of furniture and change everything else to suit it......Who changes their entire home and creates such upheaval to accommodate one sofa?'

WHAT!?  Even with its jocular style, this article spells E X C E S S all over it.

At this point, I lost my appetite.

Earlier this morning, I had read a Facebook posting by Rev Al of the Dandelion Society.

Hi Face book friends! You would not think that it is only 7 days until the Federal election, and yet no one would think that I would have to beg for sleeping bags, for the homeless. I gave away 100 sleeping bags in this last three weeks and I need your help. You can drop them off at Rain Coast Business Address: 1027 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC V8V 3P6

The mission of this Society, as it appears on their website, is : 'The Victoria Dandelion Society is committed to supporting our street family, one person at a time. We offer unconditional love to all who come our way and advocate for the voiceless, restoring hope in the places most affected by physical and relational poverty.'

Avodah, the Social Action Group under the wing of Congregation Emanu-El, has just purchased 96 sleeping bags to donate to The Dandelion Society.  We received a generous grant that made this purchase possible, and clearly, the need will continue throughout the year.

I am only guessing, but I believe that this magnificent couch might have translated into about 300 people in our Victoria community having a warm place to sleep.  And the purchasing of all the new furniture...I won't even guess.

Remember, a sleeping bag may be the only home a street person has.