Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Last evening I sat down at the computer to begin a new entry.  I wanted to start with a series of my recent photographs, surprising you with their ethereal beauty, and only then, letting you in on the secret of their creation.

Several quotations that I treasure seem integral to my story.

Pablo Casals wrote,  'I do not think a day passes in my life in which I fail to look with fresh amazement at the miracle of nature.  It is there on every side. It can be simply a shadow on a mountainside, or a spider's web gleaming with dew, or sunlight on the leaves of a tree...'

And Minor White invites us to 'go into the landscape... let your subject find you.'

And finally, a comment from my friend, Jan, who responded to photos on my blog of January 6 (the zen of creativity) writing that 'they take me somewhere I need to go more often.'

For me, finding magic in everyday moments and commonplace events has opened my eyes wide to possibility.  With my second set of eyes, the lens of my camera, I have been exploring the expected and lifting it into another dimension.

Gathering flowers from our garden, I am giving them a new context: sheathing them in multi-faceted ice, I have been taking hundreds of photographs, digitally recording the magic.

We usually don't look at anything at all.
-Chogyam Trungpa