Tuesday, 22 November 2016

what can we do?

This has been a painful month for many of us. While the near steady rainfall in Victoria has further dampened my spirit, I am asking myself how my pain and anger can be converted into constructive acts. 

Rob Brezney writes: "How do we refrain from hating other people even as we fight fiercely against the hatred and danger they have helped unleash?".

My niece Andrea teaches at Occidental College in Los Angeles.  She and her students  are feeling battered and fearful.  Through tears she told me that when her daughter goes away to university in the fall, she will become politically active, working to return hope and power to the disenfranchised.  Working for the change she believes in.

                     This is a constructive direction for disappointment & anger.

These few weeks of November have taken their toll on my art. It is my routine that as I leave the house, I double check that I have my keys, license, Visa card and camera.

This month, my camera has remained at home.

This has got to change!

David Levithan reminds us: "Remember that at any given moment there are a thousand things you can love."

In my March 13, 2016 posting I mused about 'what's important'.  I have just reread the entry and I can feel my heavy heart begin to lighten.  It is as if I wrote it to comfort me now.

In this spring time blog, I noted the importance of  'hope following disappointment'.  Hope, the essential ingredient for positive change.  Hope to motivate and guide us away from despair and negativity.

'A feeling of trust' is the archaic definition of hope and the one I am holding on to.

I am walking with a friend in about an hour ~ I will have my camera with me.