Wednesday, 4 May 2016

what's next?

'Are you happy about yesterday's show?'  my daughter texted me.

My answer - unedited-  was   'Yes, in most ways.  Seeing all my work, hung so elegantly, was great. Seeing the beauty that I had captured was also quite amazing. I also believe that the showing of ones work is an integral part of creation.

The disappointing part was the limited sales.*  While I do understand the challenge of hanging photographs among existing doesn't encourage me to have another show. ...if we do continue printing, what will I do with the photographs?
I have sold hundreds of paintings and collages.  I created these because I love to create...not because I wanted to sell them, so it is likely that I will continue to take and print photographs... it's what I do. 

Now, how's that for a long answer. 

It's been a blast!'

What I didn't say was how much fun it has been working with Patrice almost every Saturday for months, choosing images and preparing them for printing.

Studying the resulting photographs and shifting between exuberance and disappointment.

 Using the line 'Let's wait until it's completely dry and then look at it again' to keep us positive.

Noticing how our printing skills have improved along with our selection process.

We have the studio gallery. We have the Epson SureColor SC-P800 printer.  We have ink and the wonderful MOAB Entrada Natural acid-free paper.

So, yes, I will be photographing and printing and possibly having another show.

* sales are continuing!

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  1. What's continue to enjoy what your having fun doing like you say. Even the big art shows sell few photos compared to paintings, carvings and the likes. The show was beautifully displayed and unique in it's view of what you see through the camera. Deb