Monday, 13 July 2015

learning curve

Last week, my daughter Sat-Sung, posted this timely quote on my Facebook page:

The spirit of Vincent Van Gogh must have known that our Epson printer was to be delivered today.  While my printer-mate, Patrice, thinks it might be too soon to actually print any of our images, my Aries moon urges me to go for it!  Let's see how they look.

How do the colours translate from computer screen to rag paper? Which images are the most exciting/evocative/serene?

 Does my photograph of a poppy pod impart a sense of wonder at its natural symmetry? Does its beauty extend beyond a drying seed head to something more universal?

Printing photographs seems much more precious to me than applying paint to a canvas or board, as I did for so many years. Acrylic paint is relatively inexpensive. Gesso can cover an unsuccessful work, allowing for a fresh start. Framing isn't always necessary and my finished work is simply stacked vertically.

                                        verbena bonariensis

While photographs cost nothing while their digital images remain on the computer,  the printer, with it costly inks,  and the framing, together greatly increase the cost of photographic art.

While taking pictures, I am emotionally involved, contemplating my subject's essence, capturing an experience, a moment in time.

                                          thalicrtum delavayi

I notice, however, that I am taking a more intellectual approach as I begin selecting images to print: balance, colour, composition, mood and light and, finally, what will look best translated onto paper.  I have taken over 10,000 photographs since the new year- perhaps I will print twenty.

Patrice and I just spoke again on the phone, where I reassured us both- paper is just paper, ink is just ink- remember to have fun !

                    last evening I saw a snail perched on top of a poppy head


  1. Glad you got the printer up and running. I can hardly wait to see some of the printed works. The screen shots are very clear and colorful, but I think the printed photos will be even better. Love the snail on the poppy!

  2. I later found a spider on the snail on the poppy....

  3. I loved your post today. The pictures are so impressive and I really enjoyed the saying Sat-Sung sent you. When you think about it, it makes so much sense and takes some of the anxiety out of the process of learning. Does that make sense to you?


  4. Paper, ink, printer.... another form of the other... inside the camera card.... another form of the other.... inside the eyes.... another form of the other.... the artist
    enjoy all the beautiful forms Deb