Monday, 7 July 2014

1/2 of 1/2

Well, for the dame who asks her dentist to please not x-ray her teeth, there was a giant 'oh my god' moment today.  I had 26/ TWENTY-SIX/6 and 20 x-rays taken of my body this morning: hands, knees, shoulders and various areas of my back.  So many views, so much radiation.

After being in chronic pain for nearly two years (and non-continuous pain for many additional years), I was finally referred to Dr Jerry Tenenbaum, a rheumatologist.  Less than 15 minutes into our visit he said "Well, you have fibromyalgia"  He added that I likely had osteoarthritis as well.  Since I am on theothersideofseventy, the arthritis part is probably to be expected.

I phoned a good friend of mine last evening and she shared some of her fibromyalgia journey with me.  I had one aha moment after another.
 -My purse is always too heavy, although it weighs nearly nothing
 -I can't wear my seat belt over my shoulder, bur rather tuck it under my breast
 (which isn't wearing a bra because it hurts my ribs)
 -my brain is foggy- my temper is short- my digestion is shot
 -I don't sleep (nothing new) and when I do, I'm still fatigued
 -Tylenol 3 doesn't help
And the big one--I feel embarrassed by the fact that I'm always in pain and shifting position and trying to get comfortable while other people are way sicker with life-threatening diseases and serious injuries. Get this?  I'm embarrassed to be in pain.  Margo said she felt the same way.  Her former GP, in response to her 'complaints' about unceasing pain and chemical allergies, told her to see a counsellor before she came back.

Her specialist gave her this advice: think about what you want to do today and then cut it in half.  And then, cut it in half again.  If having 26 x-rays was a challenge, this may be a bigger one yet.

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