Saturday, 5 April 2014

Abkhazi Gardens

The beautiful Abkhazi Gardens were open today from 11-4 and Brian and I were there before noon to revel in their beauty.  The strange term 'subtle magnificence' comes to mind.

The glaciated rocky slopes, combined with native Gary oaks and an abundance of flowering native plants, are remarkable.  As well, there are mature conifers and Japanese maples adding subtle variations of tone and texture.  The Princess and Prince Abkhazi worked in harmony with the landscape, and this, I believe,  is what sets it apart from other garden designs: it is truly a garden of the West Coast.

The 50 year old rhododendrons were in bloom, with flowers ranging from the palest pink to deep crimson.  There were yellows too, teasing my eye to travel through the dense, rich foliage and then upwards as the plants seemed to stretch towards cloud and grey sky.
It is only here and at U.Vic's Finnerty garden that I truly believe in the splendor of this species.

Meeting up with our friend Penny and her gardening cohort, Bonnie, made the visit even more fun.  (look for Penny's photo cards in the Garden's gift shop)

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