Monday, 17 March 2014

sometimes you just gotta laugh

If you've been following my blog, you'll know that there have been some challenging health moments with Brian and myself: cataract surgery on my right eye at the end of January, followed by Brian's ambulance ride and emergency hernia surgery and then the ongoing challenge of retina swelling (macular edema) which makes the focusing ability on my right eye very compromised.  (Like LARGE print books only)

So, things should to be getting better...right?  Wrong!

I've just returned from the doctor's office where I expressed some concern about a rash that has been developing on my left cheek and spreading under my chin.  It must be an allergic reaction, perhaps to my eye drops. Right? Wrong!

It's Shingles. Thank goodness I had the vaccine two years ago so it is a mild case.  It is amazing the impact that stress has on the body. 
The 'you won't believe it' part is that I need to reschedule my left eye cataract surgery from April 4 until the first week in June.  For a totally visual person like me, it all seems pretty daunting.  I welcome your healing energy and invite you over for coffee.  I have three months to go: that's a lot of decaf coffee beans.
Sometimes you just gotta laugh.