Friday, 28 February 2014

dessert for my eye

Since mid-week I have been taking particular and gentle care of myself,  especially of my eye.

My optical dessert has been a rich and dark juice made from beets, carrots, ginger and apples.  I had forgotten the zing of raw beets and the intensity of their flavour. I bought some rice paper today and I am going to look for a soft brush and do some mark-making tomorrow when my Omega juicer has made its magic.

More caring yesterday, in the form of an acupuncture and cranial treatment.

And today, Ming Nu Di Huang Wan pills from the herbalist in Chinatown and a pot of chrysanthemum tea.

I guess it's time to mention the 'eye guy' surgeon I saw again  this morning.  He said that the 2 kinds of chemical drops I'm using should ease the retinal swelling in two weeks  and that I could resume any physical endeavors I might choose.  While I totally flunked the 'reading the print test',  he insists that time and a corrective lens would make reading a non LARGE PRINT book well within my grasp.  (by the way, the selection of library L.P. books is not great)

So good news.  (now if I could only fast forward to mid-March!)

And Brian is doing really well.  He biked for 1/2 hour today!



  1. Glad you are taking some suggestions and care for yourself....time:>) Deb

  2. thank you for the many suggestions that were yours!

    1. No thanks needed, as we are all on the healing journey together:>)